Drain Cleaning and Effluent Management

Dillon Waste provide a range of effluent management services for domestic and commercial customers. These services include:

•    drain cleaning
•    drain unblocking
•    sludge disposal
•    high pressure cleaning
•    emptying of septic tanks
•    emptying of biocycle units

We are fully licensed waste disposal contractor committed to disposing of waste in the most efficient and environmentally safe manner. All waste collected is disposed of at a licensed site.
Custom built to our specifications, our drain cleaning and sludge disposal tanker is fitted with a high pressure, high delivery pump at over 3000 PSI (208 Bar) and 28 gpm (130 litres/min) and is capable of cleaning underground drains from 6” to 24” (150mm to 600mm).

Septic Tank

It is recommended that septic tanks and biocycles wastewater treatment systems are emptied every year to ensure that they operate efficiently. Annual cleaning prevents the build of sludge which may lead to blockages or problems with the percolation area. Please visit www.epa.ie for further information and advice on wastewater treatment systems.
Please contact us on 066 7126327 for quotation and advice.