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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Dillon Recycling Ltd. is hereinafter called the waste company.
By accepting our terms and conditions you fully agree to the following;

1. The Waste Company will supply and the customer will take on hire upon the terms and conditions herein mentioned, and conditions of hire otherwise brought to the attention of the customer, the waste receptacle, (hereinafter called The Receptacle) on simple hire for the minimum period of time specified prior to delivery and thereafter from week to week or from month to month or from year to year as the case may be until or unless the hiring is brought to an end by one months notice in writing, or as agreed prior to delivery.

2. So long as the hiring continues the customer shall pay to the Waste Company, in advance, rent in the amount and by the payment methods, as agreed prior to commencement of the hire period, on or before the commencement of each rent period. Payments shall be made without demand, to the Waste Company’s Bank Account or their representatives.

3. This agreement and the rights of the Waste Company and of the customer under or in any manner arising out of it shall be subject to and governed by:
(a) The terms, matters and directions set out in these pages.
(b) The general terms and conditions printed herein which the customer hereby acknowledges have been brought to his/her notice and the customer agrees to.
(c) Other Conditions of Hire brought to that attention of the customer upon delivery of the receptacle.

4. Keep the receptacle in good and substantial repair and condition (fair, wear and tear only excepted) and replace the same should it be stolen or broken and in default of so doing permit the Waste Company to take possession of the receptacle for the purpose of having repairs carried out and repay to the Waste Company the cost of such repairs.

5. Permit the Waste Company and any other person authorised by them at all reasonable times to enter upon the premises in which the receptacle is for the time being placed or kept for the purpose of inspection and examining the condition of the receptacle or repairing the same or taking possession thereof.

6. Indemnify the Waste Company against all third party claims howsoever arising and against loss of or damage to the receptacle or any part thereof from whatever cause arising and whether or not such loss or damage results from the negligence of the customer or any other party.

7. Punctually pay for all repairs to or treatment of the receptacle and keep the same free from any distress execution or other legal process.

8. Either of the parties hereto may determine the end of any hire period giving to the other one months notice in writing and the Waste Company shall upon the receipt of such notice or upon giving such notice collect the receptacle or request delivery of the receptacle to the Waste Company or at any other address that the Waste Company have previously specified in writing immediately upon the expiration of the said period of one month. Upon such delivery being made the hiring shall come to an end but without prejudice to pre existing liability of the customer hereunder and the customer shall not be entitled to repayment of any sums previously paid by him to the Waste Company under the terms of this Agreement nor to any credit allowance in respect of any such payment.

9. The Waste Company has the right to terminate any contract at any given time.

10. The Waste Company may terminate this agreement:
(a) If the customer commits any breach of his/her obligations hereunder
(b) If the customer shall commit an act of Bankruptcy or have a receiving order made against him/her or if distress or execution shall be levied or threatened upon any of the customers property or any judgment against the customer shall remain unsatisfied for more than fourteen days.

11. Upon the termination of this Agreement pursuant to clause 10 hereof the Waste Company may without notice take possession of the receptacle and may for that purpose by himself, his servants or agents without previous notice enter upon any land or premises on or in which the receptacle is believed by the Waste Company to be situated.

12. The receptacle shall remain the property of the Waste Company and the customer shall not part with possession of same nor dispose of, charge or pledge or underlet same and the customer shall notify the Waste Company of any change of the customer’s address and shall keep the receptacle at the original address of the customer at all times.

13. No relaxation, forbearance, delay or indulgence by the Waste Company in enforcing any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement or the granting of time by the Waste Company to the customer shall prejudice effect or restrict the rights and powers of the Waste Company hereunder nor shall any waiver of agreement be entertained.

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